Open Cages

According to Anima Charity Evaluator, Open Cages is one of the most effective animal organizations in the world.

Since 2012 Open Cages have been fighting to introduce systemic social changes, documenting the conditions of industrial breeding and conducting educational campaigns promoting positive attitudes towards animals.

Open Cages has branches abroad in Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and Great Britain. In 2018, Open Cages became part of the international organization Anima International. The Association cooperates with organizations from around the world, as part of the Fur Free Alliance and Open Wing Alliance coalition.

Why we support Open Cages?

  • Fur industry is cruel and competely unnecessary. Open Cages help to change laws and free animals from cages.
  • They fight for the improvement of the living conditions of farm animals.
  • Animal cruelty is a crime but very little cases are punished. Open Cages help to bring those who abuse animals to justice.
  • They promote veganism and put pressure on restaurants to introduce more plant based options.
  • Because we believe in their methods and the measurable effectiveness of their activities.