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Payment options

We use Stripe. One of the safest payment processing systems available. It works with your debit and credit card as well as google pay and apple pay.

Shipping time

We know how important it is for you to get your products delivered on time, and we are doing our best to ensure you can enjoy beautiful and healthy tattoos. Most national deliveries take between 1-3days. You can read more here 

Can I buy your product in a pharmacy or shop?

As for now we only sell our products online but as we grow we will make our products available in physical shops too.

Are your products vegan?

YES! All of our products are 100% vegan because we believe animals are friends and we would never let them suffer.

What does ''99% NATURAL'' cosmetic mean?

We follow ISO 16128 standards regarding natural and organic cosmetics when giving you levels or percentages of natural ingredients our products contain.

The ISO 16128 guidelines1 establish technical definitions and criteria for natural and organic cosmetics (NOCs). Developed within the International Standardization Organization (ISO), ISO 16128 guidelines represent an international multi-stakeholder effort to harmonise existing references from the sector and aim to combat greenwashing. 

What is sugarcane bio-plastic?

Bioplastics are plastic materials produced from renewable biological resources, such as sugarcane, instead of fossil oils (petroleum). Bio-based polyethene offers lower carbon footprint, uses only leftovers from the sugar production and can be recycled.

How do you turn sugarcane into plastic?
In order to extract polyethylene from sugar cane, the plant is cut down and pressed. Sugar cane saps are released during this process, which creates ethanol after fermentation and distillation. The ethanol is then hydrated and ethylene is obtained from this.

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